Take Your Security Measures To The Next Level

Offering a range of commercial security systems in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding Magic Valley area.

You may not be able to monitor your building on a 24-hour basis, but you can purchase a system that does it for you.

Consult a specialist at Pinnacle Technologies, LLC to help you choose the right security system for your property. Your system will include a variety of components, like motion detectors and a burglar alarm with door and window sensors.

We provide a one-year parts and installation warranty on all commercial security systems. Contact our team in Twin Falls, ID today to schedule your appointment (208) 595-2372. We serve the surrounding Magic Valley area.

Take Advantage Of Our Additional Features

Every business has different security needs. That’s why our commercial security systems include:

Water sensors:
Detect flooding in your basement.

Temperature sensors:
Monitor temperature levels throughout your building.

Remote-access monitoring: Manage your security system from your smartphone.

Advanced access control: Allow entry via a card, thumbprint or key fob.

If you’re ready to install a 24-hour security system with a burglar alarm, call now to schedule your appointment. We offer free estimates on all services in Twin Falls, ID and the Magic Valley area.